Best Quality Food and Beverages

Bid farewell to food and beverages that contain additive and preservative

No Preservatives

Our products are entirely free from additives & preservatives.

No Artificial Flavour

Our taste and flavour are unparalleled.

No Added Sugar

We don't use artificial sweetener or sugar.




Our bundled food and beverages are entirely free from additives and preservatives. The product that you will buy from us will be fresh and raw.

Our taste and flavour are unparalleled. What you will be consuming are 100% natural ingredients. With the choicest of ingredients freshly produced by the Indian farmers, your body will start feeling rejuvenated.

Live a healthy lifestyle and stay away from artificial sweetener and sugar. The bundled food and beverage produced by ZucaFab is free from anything artificial.

Our Process

The USP of ZUCA is to produce food and beverages that will be 100% free from added additives and will have a drop timeframe of realistic usability. We are the first of its sort F&B organization in India with the items having just its source crude materials. ZUCA Food and Beverages  is your natural food and beverage partner. For those who want to improve their overall well-being, help is right here

ZUCA works with Indian farmers directly so that we get the best vegetables, nuts, and fruits from them directly.

Cold Press juices come along with a shelf life of 20 to 30 days without any added preservatives and adjectives. Juices are made with simple and familiar ingredients, and they are all-natural.

Packed Food

NO ADDITIVES | LONG SHELF LIFE | FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL FLAVOUR Extended food life without any added preservatives and adjectives. Whatever food items we produce are of high-quality and yes, they taste good!

About Us

ZUCA is a food and beverages company on a mission to deliver additive-free and preservative-free options to the consumers. Our motive is to increase the shelf-life of naturally processed food and drinks

Consumers are educating themselves and demanding more from their food than ever before. They want products that stay fresh and appealing for longer without the use of any artificial preservatives or having a negative impact on flavour.

We aim for sustainability and bring our in-depth food processing expertise to help the consumers get what they need, which is naturally increased shelf-life, while also doing our bit to reduce food wastage in India.